Ibiza concierge service

Special VIP, your luxury concierge service on Ibiza.

Your luxury VIP Concierge Personal Assistant & Security Service

With exclusive access to every club, restaurant and private event in Ibiza, we worry about every last detail in Ibiza, so you don't have to.

Our Special VIP Ibiza offers everything you need, with the premium quality.attention to detail, care and courtesy and discretion you need.

We would love an initial conversation to ensure a clear briefing outlining must haves and must does to ensure we come back to you with a truly first-class itinerary, personalized to your needs, and likes. We will tap into our personal island network and provide you with a customized itinerary which following your feedback and approval, we will proceed to take care of all bookings, reservations and logistical matters. You are on holiday, that is our job.

Thanks to our much-cherished, valuable network and contacts, you will enjoy the best experience for you and your family, whether on a Caribbean-like escapade to Formentera on a super price or a VIP table with backstage access at the hottest Saturday club night.

Personal Assistant (PA) Services:

There are some jobs that even on holiday, someone has to do. Check the opening times of x, take this to y, check how long it takes to get to z, call so and so and let them know we are now meeting at y, check what the dress code is for X. We get it. And most importantly we don't want you to have to do it. We want you to enjoy your time on Ibiza to the max. Hence, our custom-made for Ibiza PA Service. For all those, very necessary yet unpredictable needs and demands that make all the difference to the perfect holiday. So you can focus on doing what you deserve and do best, enjoy time with your friends and family, we can take care of the detail.

Everyone's idyllic Ibiza experience is different and should be very personal and tailored to you. That will make the difference from a good holiday to a legendary holiday that you remember often and hold dear to you heart and relive at family gatherings. Like we said, you wish, you tell us, we make it happen.

You might think you don't need a PA and are happy to stay in your villa and chill and just go out for dinner. And it's when you leave the villa, that's when we would recommend you have someone with you, looking out for you as you leave those luxury venues and well-known hot spots, restaurants and globally renowned Beach Clubs.

We offer 2 Personal Assistant Service Levels.

Premium PAs

100% focused on anticipating your needs and what you might require before you articulate it. This is a PA with purpose, your purpose. Warning, you could become addicted to this level of service.

Premium Plus

PAs with Security training and vetted background. Recommended for outings and activities in high profile clubs, restaurants, beach club etc to ensure the very best, hassle and stress free experience.

We recommend having min. 1 Premium Plus PA for each Group

Your VIP concierge service in IBIZA

Whatever your wish, our highly connected, ultra-professional Concierge Service Ibiza deliver it and more. From booking tables at the best restaurants and clubs, to bespoke, chef's table experiences in a private suite we make it happen with our unique authentic twist. Want something special but not 100% sure what? Leave it with us, this is our sweet spot.

Perfectly flexible and to suit your needs we offer everything from a one full day service to attractive weekly and even monthly packages, send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Concierge Day Package

Services included:

Personal Assistent Service for 6h included + Booking service for:

  • Restaurant & Beachclub bookings
  • Luxury Car bookings
  • Chauffeuer bookings
  • Boat Charter
  • Hotel & Villa bookings
  • Security bookings
  • Private chef bookings
  • Spa & Massage bookings
Optional you can add to this service a rental car and your PA could be your driver.

VIP Table & PA + Plus PAckage

Perfect for when you want the fun without the angst. Party without a care in your finest wares and leave the rest to us.Our staff for this kind of service are PA's with a Security background, we call them PA +Plus. We highly recommend using this service for all Hot Spot Restaurant & Night or Beach Party's bookings to ensure a hassle free night which is memorable for all the right reasons.

Services included:

PA +Plus Service for 6h included + Booking service for:

  • VIP Table booking for Nighclubs, Restaurants and Beachclubs
Optional you can add to this service a rental car and your PA could be your driver.

Special VIP Weekly Package

Most of our clients are booking this package, in this package is included:

  • Personal Assistent +Plus Service for 10h included
  • Private driver with luxury car for 10h included
  • Booking service for:
    • VIP Table booking for Nighclubs, Restaurants and Beachclubs
    • Boat Charter
    • Private Jet bookings
    • Hotel & Villa bookings
    • Private chef bookings
    • Spa & Massage bookings
    • etc.

For more details please feel free to send an email and we will set up your tailor made Service Package.

VIP Service in Ibiza

We will be happy to fulfil your wishes with our concierge service, deal with all organisational matters, handle reservations, and give you some great ideas for your trip in Ibiza.

Luxury Travel Packages

Whatever your wish, our superbly professional Concierge Service Ibiza will fulfil it for you.