Our Story

We ensure your safe and relaxed stay on Ibiza!

My Name is Martin, Martin Eiteneuer

and its my pleasure to welcome you to our website. With all the millions of websites out there and all the incredible services being promised, and people vying for your attention, my team and I don't take the fact that you are interested in us and have got to this page, for granted. At the danger of repeating myself, time is priceless, but I will do my best to make the time you spend with us, both as we plan as much as when you are on holiday, well worth your while.

Born in Germany, I moved to Ibiza in 2007 at the request of a German gentleman who required a highly professional, discreet personal security service. I had been working for him in this capacity for a few years at this point and I hope the fact he is still a client to this day, says more about our working relationship, than I could ever hope to.

From the start the core purpose of my business has been security and my client's safety the priority but then purely organically, following client recommendations and word of mouth and an increase in demand, we found we needed a solution for many more services. My reputation and professionalism is everything. I pride myself on delivering above expectations. Finding a suitable partner wasn't easy and feeling like the service provided reflected on me made me very uneasy. So, we decided to do it ourselves, always 100% happy to be accountable for expectations we can control. However, special or VIP the requests might be. And just like that, SPECIAL-VIP was born.

Please don't get me wrong. Ibiza is a jaw-droppingly beautiful, magical and safe island - I would never be bringing up a family here if not. But where hard earned money flows, you don't have to wait long for those looking to make an easy buck to follow. You get my point.

Our clients don't want huge guys, dressed in black, standing over them and looking intimidated like in the movies. (if you do that's cool too, like we said, your wish etc)

Long story short, we created an ultra-high end, specialist service for our clients. A combination of the PA you can't live without (but still needs time off on holiday) the best connected friends who can get you the best table at any restaurant and VIP area in any club and the best, personal security. We pride ourselves on creating a safe environment for our clients for our clients to enjoy the best of Ibiza exactly as they deserve to.

No one wants to go to dinner or to a club, let alone a day out at the beach worrying about some undesirable noticing a nice watch or handbag, especially one designed specifically to shine for that purpose. Ibiza is too real, too pure, too full of magical, jaw-dropping moments that ONLY happen in Ibiza, for you to enjoy halfhearted. You enjoy your Ibiza, let us worry about the not so magical side of things.

We could now bore-on about all the A-listers, celebs and VIPs we've worked for in the past, years but that's just not us. Strictly confidential and utmost discretion is in our DNA. And contract.

What happens on Ibiza stays on Ibiza. We can prove it.

Let us prove it to you. Let us make your Ibiza stay special.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and looking forward to (hopefully) making your next holiday in Ibiza, something special.

VIP Concierge service

Whatever your wish, our superbly professional Concierge Service Ibiza will fulfil it for you.